Smart Features

Occygen is a rich application with lot of features that can facilitate your daily test management job. Please find below a quick view of major features.

Manage Projects

Occygen defines a tree to organize the projects. You can:

  • Define Platforms and Projects
  • Change the status of your projects “Active, Master, Archive”
  • Assign users to projects.
Organize Requirements

Occygen allows you to manage the requirements.

You can:

  • Add, edit, delete, move, reorder and duplicate requirements.
  • Import and export requirement suites.
Design test case

The Data Base contains all test cases for all projects. You can:

  • Archive, duplicate, move and reorder test cases
  • Add, edit, delete new test suites
  • Import and export test cases.
Test execution
How do you test a system better? First step you need to execute the test case easily and keep a history of your validation cycles.

Test Runs module is too rich and gives you the way to work on your test execution activities.
Create Issues

During your project’s development cycle, you can use this feature to manage your team and to organize your sprints. Moreover, Occygen allows you to manage your project tickets. There is also a shortcut to create ticket from requirement library and also during test execution.

Secure use

Security is important, you can protect sensitive information, by using the “Private” issues, you can assign or remove users from projects.
At system level, if you need to keep a backup of your data, Occygen gives you the possibility to dump the database

Jira Connector

With an Administrator role, you can configure Occygen to connect to ticket management system “Jira”.

You can also configure Occygen to:

  • Sign-in using LDAP
  • Connect to: JIRA, BUGZILLA, MANTIS
  • Define SMTP server and update your license.

Define Users Role

Occygen allows managing the users and customizing the roles:

  • Add, edit, delete users
  • Define a user role’s by using Access Level Menu
Delivery toolkit

You can create delivery package, add release notes.
You can see the corresponding test run.

Sprint manager

Use a simple way to manage sprints and define your milestones

Test Automation

You want to reduce the test execution cost? With Occygen it’s possible to automate your test cases. It offers you a simple way to declare the script name for each test case. When you start the Test Run, the automatic scripts will be executed and sends the test result to your board.

  • This tool will definitely improve the efficiency of testing cycle

    Rajalakshmi Govindan
    Software & Security, India
  • With a double bridges to Bugzilla and Jira, we’re able to follow all raised bugs during Test Runs.
    Sharing test reports by multiple users over multiple sites increase our productivity.

    Denis MARTIN – SI OPS Off Shore leader
  • L’esthétique est claire, simple et soignée. Les différentes fonctions sont rapidement accessibles et bien réparties.
    Quand on sélectionne un onglet, on accède directement à l’information importante.