What is  ?

Occygen is a project management tool focused on QA activities. Occygen is a Rich Internet Application. You can access to Occygen from any web browser (e.g.: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox), no installation is required. On server side, you can deploy Occygen under Windows or Linux machine.

You can customize the fields of your forms. This is possible for the requirement, test case, test result and the ticket. It’s possible to add a custom item list.

You can execute your test cases automatically using Nosetests based on Python Scripts.

You can connect Occygen to ticket management software like Mantis, Bugzilla and Jira.

Occygen is designed by ABID CONSULTING company which is specialized in software testing. ABID CONSULTING is based in FRANCE.


Test Automation

You want to reduce the test execution cost? With Occygen it’s possible to automate your test cases. It offers you a simple way to declare the script name for each test case. When you start the Test Run, the automatic scripts will be executed and sends the test result to your board.

Configure your System

With an Administrator role, you can configure Occygen to activate below features:

  • Sign-in using LDAP
  • Connect to: JIRA, BUGZILLA, MANTIS
  • Define SMTP server and update your license.

Organize Project

Occygen defines a tree to organize the projects. You can:

  • Define Platforms and Projects
  • Change the status of your projects “Active, Master, Archive”
  • Assign users to projects.

Manage Requirement

Occygen allows managing the requirements. You can:

  • Add, edit, delete, move, reorder and duplicate requirements
  • Import and export requirement suites.

Test Library

The Data Base contains all test cases for all projects. You can:

  • Archive, duplicate, move and reorder test cases
  • Add, edit, delete new test suites
  • Import and export test cases.

Execute Test Case

How do you test a system better? First step you need to execute the test case easily and keep a history of your validation cycles.

Test Runs module is too rich and gives you the way to work on your test execution activities.

Assign Tickets

During development cycle, you can use this feature to manage your team and organize tasks. Occygen allows you to manage tickets. There is also a shortcut to generate tickets during test execution.

Define roles

Occygen allows managing the users and customizing the roles:

  • Add, edit, delete users
  • Define a user role’s by using Access Level Menu

Feel Occygen in practice

(username: patrick / password: 001)



  • Cet outil nous permet de gérer notre équipe de testeurs dans trois pays différents. C'est la solution qu'il nous faut.
    La solution de gestion au quotidien
  • Occygen est un outil excellent pour le suivi des projets et des bugs. Je conseille vraiment de l'utiliser pour contrôler vos bugs du projet et l'état ​​d'avancement du projet.
    Gaurav Ghate
    Apheleia Solutions

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What’s new  ?

Launch of a new advertising campaign for Occygen in the magazine Professional Tester .

View more details on : www.professionaltester.com/files/PT-issue29.pdf ( Page 31)