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OCCYGEN is a project management tool focused on test and validation activities . OCCYGEN is a Rich Internet Application developed in Java. Users can access to OCCYGEN from any web browser (Chrome, IE, Firefox, …), no installation required.
On the server side, OCCYGEN can be deployed on Apache Tomcat web server with a mySQL database.

OCCYGEN is developed by  ABID CONSULTING company. It is a consulting firm specialized in software validation. ABID CONSULTING is based in Toulouse, France.


Flexible 90%
Web Access, no installation 100%
Evolutive 95%
Practical 90%
Intuitif 92%


  • Occygen est un outil excellent pour le suivi des projets et des bugs .. Je conseille vraiment d'utiliser pour contrôler vos bogues du projet et l'état ​​d'avancement du projet. Il serait pomper plus d'oxygène dans vos projets et de vous donner un très grand avantage dans l'organisation de vos projets...
    Gaurav Ghate
    Apheleia Solutions

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Project Management

Occygen defines projects and platforms that are the project groups parents .En case of multiple projects, it is possible to manage them:

  • The selection of a single project as an “Active” project
  • Assign users as needed.

Requirements Management

Occygen allows to define requirements specifications.

It is possible to:

  • Add, edit, delete requirements
  • Import requirements suites
  • Export requirements suites

Test suites Management

The tests base can be updated at any time. It is a repository for the session part where different tests are performed.
Thanks to the tests base of Occygen , it is possible to add new test plans, to import and export.

Test Runs Management

The “Test Runs” module allows to create test runs and execute the tests. The “test run” has four possible status: Expected, Active, terminate and Archived.

Issues Management

The development and improvement of projects tend to modify the requirements to be met. These developments can generate bugs. Occygen allows its users to manage potential bugs and resolve them.

Administration Management

Occygen allows users to manage their own projects through:

  • Add, edit, delete users
  • Assign different access levels for users
  • Get an overview of the productivity of each user during a defined period.

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